Where It All Starts

Our Roots

Curry originates from a Tamil word Kari, or spiced sauce, which is originally a thin, soup-like, spiced dressing served in southern India. While numerous forms of curries have been popularised over the years, a food enthusiast can spot an authentic curry from any other.

Your Experience

The fresh aroma served to you in the most visually appealing form, cooked to the right texture and spiced to your individual taste bud could be a delight to relish when served with relaxing music mixed with the laughter of your loved ones. That’s the experience we strive to create for you every day at Curry Bliss – so we could appeal to your soul in the tiniest of ways

Our Food

It takes a different hand to bring out the best in North Indian curries vis-à- vis South Indian. At Curry Bliss, we appreciate that – which is why we have separate chefs that specialize in each! Each day, we bring to you authentic South and North Indian curries and much more in their purest form. Satisfying your individual taste buds should never be a goal of good food – for us, it’s just a start